Purely efficient natural deodorants

No stains. No doubts. No bullshit.

The GREENBORN credo describes its products in a nutshell: all-natural body care with a scientifically proven effect. Reliable ingredients for perfect protection. A new generation of luxury body care with zero tolerance for unnecessary additives – clean, pure, timeless.



The original idea for GREENBORN came from founder Iben Bering and her team of experts comprising scientists and clean-beauty enthusiasts.

Sustainable, natural beauty is much more than a passion for the native Dane: it has been her daily business for 15 years. Together with her husband, she manages a distribution company for high-end natural cosmetics based in Hamburg.

In 2017, she decided to focus her expertise on developing a product she had been asked about multiple times before: a unisex deodorant stick containing no questionable ingredients that still provides reliable protection all day long. After more than three years of research and development in accordance with the highest standards, the GREENBORN team managed to do exactly that – and Iben wouldn’t have been satisfied with anything less.

So what is it that drives her and her team? The search for innovative, sustainable and uncompromising solutions for personal well-being and that of the planet.

Iben Bering


„I believe in the power of nature and the responsibility we have to protect it. But I also believe in performance and aesthetics. And I think these three things can – and should – coincide. “

Overview Deo Sticks

GREENBORN deodorant sticks

The 100% natural deodorant sticks offer 24-hour protection in any situation, without leaving unpleasant stains on textiles. They are free from aluminium, baking soda and kaolin. Furthermore, they are dermatologically tested, COSMOS-certified, vegan and gluten-free. From content to packaging, the sticks are developed and produced in Germany.

Raw Matter

Your hint of sweet nothing

On days where less is more, our formula pledges solid reliability. It boasts antimicrobial properties and is fragrance-free.

Basic Instinct

An oriental seduction

Delicate davana and mandarin blend with the botanical charms of tangy patchouli and honey-scented labdanum in a silky-soft texture.

Bitter Sweet

Where citrus and sweetness collide.

The tart and zesty notes of Litsea cubeba, lemon, ginger and a dash of apricot lift you up.

New Roots

Welcome to the woods

This highly effective formula unites refreshing Moroccan mint with a waft of aromatic rosemary and vibrant cedar wood.

Gentle Man

Extraordinary for every day

With its natural timber attitude, this deodorant melds the aromatic ease of cabreúva, vetiver and mint with a dash of pepper for plenty of vim.


GREENBORN for the environment

With GREENBORN, we not only rely on a COSMOS-certified product, sustainable production in Germany and innovative packaging, we also go one step further:

In order to actively give back to nature, GREENBORN supports environmental organisation Sea Shepherd with every product sold. Sea Shepherd is the only marine conservation organisation in the world that takes action against the destruction of the oceans, caused, for example, by pollution or non-sustainable fishing, using its own fleet of vessels.

GREENBORN supports this project for the simple reason that life on earth would not be possible without intact marine ecosystems. They regulate the climate, supply oxygen, store CO2 emissions and serve as a source of nutrition. By preserving these ecosystems we are preserving human life.

We are committed!

For health. For the environment. For society. For the future.


Iben Bering and Stefan Michael Hümpel

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