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John Masters Organics is synonymous with luxurious and organic hair, face and body care from New York. A pioneer in the field of clean hair care, the brand continues to live its vision of completely natural beauty in line with the highest possible standards. The quality of the all-natural ingredients and their effect on people and the planet are of utmost importance when developing the highly effective products.

About John Masters Organics

It all started with a vision

In 1994, celebrated New York hairstylist John Masters had a simple yet, for the time, radical vision: he was convinced that nature was the best source of clean beauty. So he started working with the best natural ingredients he could find in a bid to develop a better and more gentle form of haircare that did without the usual questionable ingredients.

With John Masters Organics, he went on to launch what would become a pioneering brand in luxury, organic haircare. As a general principle, the brand consistently refrains from using harmful chemicals, mineral oils and their derivatives, buffer substances and other dubious ingredients that haven’t yet been researched. All products are based on high-quality, plant-based active ingredients, oils and extracts obtained from certified organic farms or wild harvesting. By drawing on innovative research at the cutting edge of science, John Masters Organics guarantees nothing less than the best in terms of performance and tolerability.

John Masters

Founder of John Masters Organics

„We create exceptional products using organic and natural ingredients that restore both mind and body.“

Perfectly natural hair

We look at beauty beyond face value for a happy and healthy life.

We are minimalist, elegant - and perfect for every occasion.

We stay true to our roots and draw on proven methods, even in our innovations.

We don't throw around empty phrases. We value facts.

Natural Haircare & Styling

Perfectly natural hair

The extensive range of retail and salon products comprises shampoos and conditioners, special treatments, and styling and finishing products for every hair type and style. They are available in different retail and salon sizes.

Natural Skincare

Perfectly natural skin

The compact range offers premium skincare products with highly effective formulations comprising carefully selected active ingredients taken from nature. Unisex, vegan – and suitable for all skin types and care needs.

Natural Bodycare

Perfectly natural body

The compact range of natural shower gels, body milk and hand creams is moisturising and nurturing for a guaranteed feel-good experience.

We are committed!

To health. To the environment. To society. To the future.


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