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Natural. Effective. Bespoke.

The Organic Pharmacy is a luxurious and highly effective natural skincare system that serves all the segments of premium body care.

The clean beauty brand stands for high performance and health oriented organic beauty products that are rich in potent, all-natural active ingredients. The brand’s loyal following values its uncompromising ethics and extensive phytopharmaceutical experience, and swears by the effectiveness of its clinically tested high-tech formulations.

About The Organic Pharmacy

Natural health and beauty

The Organic Pharmacy was founded in 2002 by London-based pharmacist and homoeopath Margo Marrone, whose vision it was to unite first-class, organic ingredients with cutting-edge science and technology.

Margo’s goal was, and still is, to offer her customers the purest formulations containing 100% active ingredients and zero toxins – and thus to start a new chapter in the field of highly effective, organic cosmetics and treatments.

Today, The Organic Pharmacy is a global health and beauty label with international partners in the luxurious spa and perfumery segment.

What we believe in


The Organic Pharmacy promotes good health without compromising on efficacy. We do not use any petrochemicals, silicones or artificial fragrances. All our products are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, silicones, PEGs and chemical sunscreens.


We aim to strike the perfect synergy of visionary science and highest quality, natural active agents. The result: exceptional formulations that combine pharmaceutical and herbal-homoeopathic known-how.


We are the first pharmacy to have devoted ourselves entirely to the natural, botanical world. What’s more, our company has received the ECOCERT certification.


All our products and ingredients can be traced right back to their origins. Their efficacy has been confirmed in clinical tests conducted, of course, without animals.

Safe & Clean

Since being founded in 2002, we have been dedicated to safe and clean beauty. Both for people - and for the planet.

Our company is ECOCERT certified. This means we observe strict standards:

  • eco-friendly production and processing
  • responsible use of natural resources
  • respect for biodiversity
  • no use of microplastics or silicones, petrochemical parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances or colouring agents
  • no use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • use of sustainable packaging and refill options
  • fair trade
  • all products are “reef safe” (not harmful to coral)

Margo Marrone

Founder of The Organic Pharmacy

„Health is at the heart of everything we do.“

Skincare System

Four steps to heaven

Our skincare system forms the heart of our brand. It is based on a four-step care routine attuned to the specific needs of individual skin types for a pure complexion that glows from the inside out. Additional treatments support each customer’s skincare routine according to their specific needs. All products can be used together or separately.

Men's Care

The power of nature

Our product line for men was developed in accordance with the same high standards as our other skincare products and is produced in small batches. It is packed full of highly potent antioxidants, precious plant extracts and the finest essential oils.


Natural glow

Our compact make-up line is abundant in valuable ingredients such as highly pigmented mineral paints, plant extracts, hyaluron, antioxidants and vitamins. It gives the skin a natural glow and accentuates the user’s individual beauty.

Bath & Body

Body and soul

Comprised of natural ingredients, our bath and body collection has everything the skin needs for cleansing, care and regeneration. Bath additives, shower gels, body oils and lotions cater to your specific requirements and indulge the soul.


Organic, mineral, eco-friendly

The secret of our suncare line lies in the use of rich, first-pressed plant oils, antioxidant plant extracts and mineral UV filters.

Pro Formula

Professionals only

Science-led organic skincare

The continuous development of our spa segment lies particularly close to our heart. This is why the Pro Formula range, launched in 2022 to mark our 20-year anniversary, is distributed around the world exclusively by The Organic Pharmacy spa partners. The carefully curated face and body range delivers extraordinary anti-ageing results, as proven in outstanding clinical studies. The line is complemented by an innovative treatment ritual.

Spa & Wellness

Signature treatments & more

The best day spas and wellness hotels in the world use The Organic Pharmacy products and pamper their guests with our popular treatment rituals. The synergistic set of products encompasses all care elements of the spa and offers comprehensive and effective treatment concepts for the face and body.

We are committed!

To health. To the environment. To society. To the future.


Iben Bering and Stefan Michael Hümpel

T +49 (0) 40 86 62 93 47

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